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CD REVIEW: Alex Chu - Of Course It's About You Silly
By Steve Allat - 02/23/2005 - 12:56 AM EST

Artist: Alex Chu
Album: Of Course It's About You Silly
CD Review: Label: Independent - Green Shoe Media
Tracks: 13
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Richie Valens, (doo wop)
Fav Tracks: Refugee, A Blind Faith, Is It Over Now

Indie Artist Alex Chu must be a very adaptable guy. He's lived and worked all over the world. After it all, he's arrived back on this side of the world with a very delightful disc of tunes, with no real obvious outside influences. It's a bit surprising, but also refreshing.

Although he sings a bit outside his range, it's hard to not like the affable voice. But once again, I have to recommend a little reverb on the vocals or doubling them up for better results. And, singing back up for yourself may seem dubious, but it works!

Thirteen strumming ditties carry us through his musical world, where we hear about love and life. This is light & casual, though.. He's got a flair for simple hooks, especially musical. The vocal melodies are good but suffer slightly from the random bit of word-cramming - trying to make a word fit where there's just too many syllables. A little more casual on the words and I'm a happy guy.

Once again Alex proves that the one-man show is still improving. He manages all duties - writing, arranging, performing and producing - with fine results. The biggest downside to that is not having an objective outside perspective during the process, but that's the artists dilemma. This album sounds like it's still about an artist figuring out as opposed to one who's arrived with all the pieces in place.

He comes very close all the way through, though, and only the vocals hold me back from really digging him. The songs are great. They are a refreshing throwback to the beginning days of songwriting in the 50's & 60's, but with his own new sound.

What turn the vocal improvement could take is up to Alex, and I'm sure he can do it. It would turn these songs from something a little more personal to ones that the public may more willingly embrace.

Contact: Alex
Website: Green Shoe Media

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