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CD REVIEW: Peter Mandic - Self-Titled
By Steve Allat - 02/22/2005 - 10:49 PM EST

Artist: Peter Mandic
Album: Self-Titled
CD Review: Label: Independent
Tracks: 11
Released: 2004
For Fans Of: Gordon Lightfoot,
Fav Tracks: Still, You and Me, Mama, Carlson

Peter is singer-songwriter living in Toronto, a great place to be an indie musician these days.

In Peter we find an interesting voice - sounds a little childlike and innocent, and a little naturally country. He sings midrange and ventures low occasionally. A little more vocal flair would add to the interest of his tunes. As well, I could actually hear other vocalists singing some of these songs very well and lifting them up from singer/songwriter status to a more prominent status on the music scene.
'Still' is a very good song, for example, but with more dynamic vocals, would be tremendous. It's a humbling skill to know when to sing your own songs and when not to. I believe there's an album of Peter Mandic songs out there, but it doesn't feel to me like this is it. The country tunes sound best on him, at any rate.

The music is folk-rock with an occasional country twist and a nod to classic rock at times. The music is lush and fulfilling as Peter has surrounded himself with some great players. 'You and Me' is a very emotional instrumental piece and shows off the band well. Regardless of which genre, the band is up to the task and sounds at home.
Peter's songs are abut real life struggles, but he expresses it in very straightforward terms. It makes for a very relaxing listen, when combined with the laid back music that accompanies. 'Carlson', particularly, showcases Peter's storytelling capability and is based on a true story - always interesting.

A very solid recording, and a very well performed and produced one as well. Songwriting the way it used to be and in a style I wouldn't mind hearing some more of.

Contact: Peter
Website: Peter Mandic

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