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CD REVIEW: Alex Walsh - Light Another Candle
By Steve Allat - 02/19/2005 - 05:50 PM EST

Artist: Alex Walsh
Album: Light Another Candle
CD Review: Label: Independent - Backdoor Jams
Tracks: 12
Released: 2003
For Fans Of: Elvis Costello, the Replacements, Paul McCartney, Tragically Hip
Fav Tracks: Purple Apple Gum, Liquid Feeling, Kilowatt Shock.

Singer-Songwriter Alex Walsh and mystery co-writer 'Rothenberg' deliver some catchy tunes, spiced up with Alex's pseudo-psychedelic lyrics & delivery.

A few straight ahead rockers - my faves - are in the mix along with an assortment of roots oriented pop songs.
Solid musicianship accompanies, courtesy of a Walsh's backing band, with not a weak link in the bunch. But then they're not pushing their musical boundaries so much as they're serving the melodies of the main man. Mission accomplished.
Sounds across the 12 songs vary nicely from piano, viola, violin and light guitar, to a bit harder guitar with the addition of horns, which really help Kilowatt Shock to come to life.

Alex's voice is nice enough, with an easy going delivery. Pleasant and unassuming, like a walk in the park. My only desire would have been for it have been recorded a little less 'airy' and to have a bit more depth to it, bringing it up front a little stronger. The airy quality makes the songs sound a little 'fluffier' than they really are.
The lyrics are interesting and tend toward the psychedelic - think later Beatles works - and are ok, but sound like they're trying to be like 'later Beatles' as opposed to just flowing out because they belong to Alex. Otherwise, we have catchy rhymes which saunter along with the melodies just right most of the way through.

My only other gripe on the disc is a reprise of 'You'll Come Back To Me', which occurs only 3 songs later, and which in my opinion isn't really worthy of a reprise in the first place. I would rather have skipped it altogether and shortened the disc, making the songs that are worthy stand out.

A few strong tunes in the bunch, but otherwise a bit of the same old thing unfortunately. The ideas are there, but still lacking that certain something to set them all apart.

Contact: Alex
Website: Alex Walsh

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