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CD REVIEW: Little Miss Messy - 'Boring Stories for Naughty Children'
By Steve Allat - 02/23/2004 - 05:55 PM EST

Artist: Band: Little Miss Messy
Album: 'Boring Stories for Naughty Children'
CD Review: Label: Dalloway Records
Tracks: 12
Released: 2003
For Fans Of:: Garbage, Pretenders, R.E.M., K's Choice
Fav Track: No More, Twinkie, Sweet Stacy, Just Another Boy.

So close. I really enjoyed more than half of this CD. There is a distinct reason for that, too.
I noticed, after the initial listen, that it sounds like this is a CD with 2 levels to it - from the songwriting and performance, to the vocals and overall production.

The disc opens up with a fairly typical number, 'Wrong' - catchy, upbeat, clean vocals. Not bad. Then the next tune comes on, 'No More' - more aggressive, textured vocals, and more 'noise'. Better. This is the sound I'd like to hear played consistenly over the whole CD. Then I'd be saying that you WILL be hearing a lot from Little Miss Messy very soon. As it stands, you may hear a song or two (No More & Twinkie if I were to pick), but that's about it until they produce a more even CD, which they are obviously capable of, judging by the songwriting, the playing and the mostly strong vocals.

The songs themselves are strong all the way through. The only thing detracting is the jekyll-and-hyde production or approach to the song by the band. I hear a few of their influences a bit too closely (What's The Frequency 'Sweet Stacy' and Back on the Chain 'No More' stand out), and it's not needed as they come up with enough catchy material of their own throughout to fall into that trap. All that may be needed here is a bit more time.

It almost hurts to hear their music knowing that it is so good and yet still a step away. I have a feeling that with continued playing together, the band will gel a bit more, find their groove, and then produce a CD that takes them where they want to go. A note to the production team - this band sounds best the way they are produced on tracks 2 & 3. Keep them in that groove and they'll be fine.

Contact: Christina Lewis
Website: Little Miss Messy or Dalloway Records

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