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CD REVIEW: Shelley Miller – “tear me down”
By Stacey Board - 10/20/2003 - 07:10 PM EDT

Artist: Shelley Miller
Album: “tear me down”
CD Review: It will be impossible for me to write about Shelley Miller without using the word quirky so lets just get it out there in the open.

She has what I would call a pleasantly quirky songwriting style. The first song “Hey Hey Hallelujah” has sweet unpredictable melody and lyrics. Her songwriting is definitely a unique voice.

That leads us to her quirky singing voice. It's sometimes like a car with brakes that usually work but sometimes unexpectedly don’t. Her pitch swerves dangerously close to the edge of the road …but it still works.

Then there is the extremely strong contribution of Tommi Zender. He produces 8 of the 11 songs. He also plays drums, bass, electric guitar, keyboards and drum loops. Zender’s contribution is as large as it is wonderful. He has a light, subtle touch that perfectly suits the material. The instrumentation and arrangement? Quirky. Jeff Oliver is credited with engineering the remaining three songs. Oliver’s contribution is also strong and includes great touches that don't interfere with the consistency in the overall production. There is a great innocent yet curious mood created here. The mood? Quirky.

All in all this is some unique songwriting and excellent production touches that really let the songs shine.

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