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CD REVIEW: David DeMordaunt – “opium”
By Stacey Board - 10/13/2003 - 11:12 PM EDT

Artist: David DeMordaunt
Album: “opium”
CD Review: What struck me about this record is the fact that it seems like a soundtrack for a movie that is yet to be made. Hey, it should happen. Think Magnolia. Think Kill Bill. This could be the third in the trend of movies made because of intriguing songs.

DeMordaunt’s songs impress me as tied together not just by their overall sound but by their themes also. I haven’t heard a CD in quite some time that musically and thematically ties one song to the next so well.

The guitarwork is first-rate. It is also intriguing, lush and atmospheric. You can hear influences of many styles of guitar playing and an overall influence of large sweeping rock soundtracks. The instrumentation is largely electric guitars, drums and bass but there are many layers and subtleties in arrangement.

On “I Serve A New Master Now” it is a unique blending that sounds like a lost tape of a Led Zeppelin song with Rickie Lee Jones layering the backup vocals. If it were a drink it would be a mai tai; sweet and sour and intoxicating.

This entire CD is about a well constructed atmosphere and an emotional reaction, just as the title for me implies the fact that a drug affects each person differently. “opium” is an intriguing and musicially unique vision executed very well.

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