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Pilate - On Signing with Maple Music
By Tara Sales - 09/09/2003 - 12:52 PM EDT

I had to opportunity to interview Todd from Pilate at Umbrella Sound Studio's in Toronto while the band was finishing up their debut album with Joao Carvalho. Here's what Todd had to say:

Q: What made Pilate sign to Maple Music Recordings?
A: What they offered us was unrivaled in Canada. They've developed a new model for artists in Canada and the plan will allow bands to make more money for selling records. Also, the company culture and staff were key in the band's decision. They are a small company, able to adapt to industry change quickly.

Q: How did you get into music?
A: I have always played guitar. I started at a very young age and from there I applied to the Music / Voice program at Western University. Once I graduated, I met up with the guys and the rest is history.

Q: Has it been hard to keep your musical integrity?
A: Not at all Ė maybe going forward it could become a challenge but so far it has not posed any conflicts. Our label allows us to be very much in control of our project.

Q: Whatís your musical style?
A: Emotive Alternative Pop.

Q: What would you want readers to know about Pilate?
A: We donít pretend to be anything more than we are. Our music is very honest and hopefully that is reflected in our album.

Q: Do you feel any different than you did a year ago with all the things you have experienced?A: We are much more aware of how our music can have an effect on others and very aware of just how much work succeeding requires. In the end, we understand our circumstances can change from year to year. People come and go but you need to remember who you are and why youíre in this business.

Q: Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?
A: I couldnít tell you who we have enjoyed sharing a stage with the most but I can tell you some of the great people we have had the opportunity to open for. The Dears, Hawksley Workman, Sam Roberts and Junetille.

Q: Whatís been the band's best experience to date?
A: I would say thatís two-fold. Last year's show at the Rivoli and having the opportunity to play with the likes of Blurtonia, Sam Roberts, and Bodega along with the show with Hawksley were some of our greatest experiences to date.

Q: Do you like touring?
A: Love it. Playing every night is a thrill. Time kind of stands still when you're out on the road.

Q: How was the recording process?
A: It was a fun lengthy process and we are all glad itís over for now. We canít wait to get back on tour.

Q: Why did you choose Joao Carvalho as your producer?
A: We met him and liked him right away. We knew he could bring the best out of each of us to create an album that was representative of where we are at this time.

Q: Any advice for other musicians hoping to achieve your current level of success?
A: Play live as much as you can, write as much music as you can, keep it honest and surround yourself with people who believe in you and your music. Be gracious and remember people donít only buy your music - they are buying a part of you. Enjoy the process of being in a band and donít try and skip any of the steps along the way. Nothing is worth having unless it has been gained through hard work!


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