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CD REVIEW: Shane Scott - "All Over Now"
By Gian F - 06/28/2003 - 02:36 AM EDT

Artist: Shane Scott
Album: "All Over Now"
CD Review: Genre: Modern Rock/Pop
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 6
Production/Musicianship Grade: 6
Commercial Value: 6
Overall Talent Level: 6
Songwriting Skills: 6
Performance Skill: 6
Best Songs: The Girl Song, Mr. Right, All Over Now
Weakness: Lack of diversity in subject material
CD Review: Who ever said that sensitivity was dead? Shane Scott from Birmingham, Alabama, is keeping it alive and well. Fortunately for him, nice guys don't always finish last, but they don't always get the best reviews either.

The opening song, "All Over Now," pretty much sets the tone and the pace of this entire CD. Shane's girlfriend has cheated on him, and he (for some reason) is getting together with her to rub the guilt (assuming she has some) in her face. Hey, as immature as it sounds, it happens. But then he asks her for a good-bye kiss so she can see what she'll be missing....

Shane! Shane! Shane! All I can say is Shame! Shame! Shame! Trust me, she already knows what she'll be missing, and she wasn't missing it while she was cheating on you. Of course, I don't know if this is a real-life event, but there is a theme of indignation and despondency that is pervasive throughout this project. It gets explained to us in, "The Girl Song," which is the most commercial song on the CD, when Shane explains that his mother is high, and his fathers' whereabouts are unknown. That's sad, but not out of the ordinary in this day and age...then he informs us that this scenario takes place on Christmas.

Advice: Lighten up! Modern Rock is supposed to be fun and experimental. "Space," and "Flux" are displaced additions for this project, maybe they can be building blocks for the next project. Also, raise the level of your drums, and increase the volume of your voice at key or dramatic places to add intensity. Intensity, that's what's missing on this CD. Women like guys with some intensity. They cheat on guys who don't have any.

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