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CD REVIEW: Ezra Thomas – “the weight of being”
By Stacey Board - 06/18/2003 - 08:33 PM EDT

Artist: Ezra Thomas
Album: “the weight of being”
CD Review: The first song on the CD gave me the impression that Stevie Ray Vaughn must have secretly removed a rib and spawned two musical relatives. There is something about the smooth whispery vocals and guitar vibe on the first song that conjures up his image.

Ezra Thomas is Ezra Vancil and Aaron Thomas, with Mark Hallman adding instrumentation along with deserving major production applause. And if that wasn’t enough, Vancil and Thomas deserve photo and CD design applause for a really outstanding looking package. Usually I don’t make any judgement on art but these guys are so talented all the way around that I’m almost annoyed. Just kidding. I’m loving it.

Ezra and Thomas are a potent writing team. Let me also make clear that these three men are not messing around. They all play multiple instruments, and put guitar, mandolin, resonator, congas, djembe, and much more here along with some programming. They are all obviously seasoned players and writers.

But don’t let me give you the impression that it is overproduced. It actually sounds very tasteful and smooth without sounding slick. They have masterfully fused elements that are soulful, that rock, that twang and that pop. It's just very outstanding playing, melody and lyric writing and production all the way around. You will be quite happy you discovered “the weight of being”.

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