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CD REVIEW: Wonderful Johnson – “The Authentic Memphis Samich”
By Stacey Board - 06/18/2003 - 07:20 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Wonderful Johnson
Album: “The Authentic Memphis Samich”
CD Review: You know, I can’t tell you anything about who’s Johnson is Wonderful or what samich may be authentic, but I can tell you this is a really good CD.

The CD came to me in a very simple case with very little information. There are no track names or listings, no website or contact info, no writing credits. But a little digging online and I was able to find out more.

I saw another review of this CD that puts it in the country category, but I don’t hear that at all. I mean, yeah, Anna Acosta plays a fiddle on some songs, and there’s some twang to the guitar from time to time, but this is pop sweet pop. I also saw people writing that “She Said” is the strongest song on the CD and I have to disagree there too. Personally I like “Undone” better and it is my favorite for its tension and balance of sweet and sour. Call me disagreeable.

Every song is a little perfect piece of pop. There is a great energy, intelligence and sense of humor in all the songs. I’m not hearing a whole lot of what I had conjured up as a Memphis influence but I really don’t miss it. It is stuffed full of pop hooks, grooves and honeyed harmonies. The guitar work is also very tasteful and tasty – accents that are not too much, but are just right.

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