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CD REVIEW: Jim Dugan – “Marigold”
By Stacey Board - 06/18/2003 - 04:59 PM EDT

Artist: Jim Dugan
Album: “Marigold”
CD Review: Jim Dugan has the whole package here on “Marigold” with strong songs, great performances, arrangement and sound throughout.

This CD is full of catchy, jangly guitar pop that makes me think of the Gin Blossoms and John Mayer. He’s got a very pleasing voice that expresses lots of emotion without overdoing it. Dugan also has some solid guitar playing chops and has collected very strong accompanying players.

The third track “Just Like Always” is more Peter Gabriel though than Gin Blossoms and it's one of my favorites. There is some lovely atmospheric guitar, purcussion and bass work. Dugan is a strong writer with attention to detail in arrangement that really pays off. Dugan’s experience as a recording engineer shows here. I was only given a pre-release copies without full artwork and liner notes and I can still hear the expertise that I read about on his Cdbaby page. (

But don’t think he can’t rock out. There is great rocking energy on “Love Love Love”, which I think is also one of the strongest tracks on the CD. In fact, there are no weak songs on the CD.

His lyrics touch on spiritual searches and life challenges and discoveries that everyone faces. He makes an interesting comment on his CDBaby page that I completely agree with. “Good Pop song hooks are like prayer wheels; they persist, go round and round inside your heart, and somehow you end up a little better." If you like pop hooks, this CD will definitely make you feel better.

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