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CD REVIEW: Stacy Harshman - Almost in the Land of More or Less
By Ben Ohmart - 06/14/2003 - 12:27 PM EDT

Artist: Stacy Harshman
Album: Almost in the Land of More or Less
CD Review: Stacy has an interesting sound. High voice among real acoustic guitar in the foreground and an ambient mood of synth strings & etc. sounds in the background. Space folk? Alternative retro-ethereal? Dream spooky? Could be all of that. The only way to know for sure is have a gander at her website and play everything there.

Says she: 'I was born on a farm in Central Illinois, where I rode my horse and played outside. After more than 20 years of cornfed oblivion, I escaped to Central America and discovered, startlingly, that mine was not a normal life. I didn't know about Bob Marley or Bob Dylan until I was 24.

'Since then I have traveled abroad, learned other languages and caught up on a lot of pop culture. Living in New York City allows me to study with talented musicians, work with amazing producers and feeds my creativity with its constantly swirling energy.'

Her melodies are often very mainstream (but we're not talking straight forward pop or rock), with an underlying new age sound. Listening to 'Love Yourself Dear' is like capturing a beautiful sprite with multi-voices that equal her exquisite face. You are in a different world, regardless of what the words are saying, and if you allow yourself, you can become transfixed.

1. Translations
2. Waiting On Love
3. Gypsy Souls
4. Dreaming and Fusing
5. Dance the Flame
6. Tomorrow and Every Today
7. Love Yourself Dear
8. Love Tokens
9. Once Again
10. Sometimes I Don't Know
11. Someone Save Me
12. Simple
13. Almost in the Land of More or Less

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