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Taylored: One of Toronto's Hottest Bands -Revealed!
By Tara Sales - 06/09/2003 - 02:07 PM EDT

what keeps you going in this business?
It's the only thing I have found to be fun! It don’t feel like a real job even though you work twice as hard.

When do you get your best ideas for songwriting?
Usually I wake up in the morning or 4am and voila there it is…the song’s in my head ready to put out or Mikey and me are sitting down trying to create new ideas…they start flowing. I record everything and then start chopping it down.

So is it true you have a potbelly pig that helps you write songs?
Yes, her name is Annabelle. She is a Vietnamese potbelly pig. When I am singing around the apartment not sounding perfect she gives no reaction at all and could really care less that I am trying to entertain her, but then when I hit all the right notes and sound great she starts going completely crazy. Running all over shaking her head and dancing.

What’s the best song you have written?
Run for miles…It’s really different. We have moved past sounding like other people. We have really managed to hone in our skills and create something unique. Working with my brother really helps to bring out emotions and all the feelings from our childhood.

How do you write a commercial hit?
Don’t try to write it, just allow it to happen…people don’t want something that has been manufactured, they want something real…something fans can feel, something honest.
It’s real when it’s 100% honest.

Has it been hard to keep your musical integrity?
Very much so. Everyone you meet wants to put their two cents in so you’ve got to keep your 98%. Let people have their say but ultimately you have to keep your style…that’s what separates the good bands from the bad bands.

How would you define your musical style?
Power Pop! Guitar rock has been around since the 40’s. We're not inventing anything here, but we are giving you something new and real.

What does a record label look for in a song?
They want something new and something real. It can still be popish and fun, but it needs to be from your gut, something from a real life experience. When it’s from the heart it’s always your best material. You are always wearing your heart on your sleeve and be honest about your music.

What’s your best experience to date?
When you can fly into a show and see a bunch of screaming kids running up to you to sign anything they have in hand…just knowing you can have that kind of impact on others is a great feeling. I was wearing a Pingu t-shirt and all the kids wanted it – I told the kids whoever emailed me 1st would get it…next day after a million emails, a girl from Oshawa, Canada got it!

Do you think kids read into your lyrics? Do you write songs with that in mind?
Yes definately kids really pick up on things in our lyrics that sometimes I don’t even realize I have written. I write to amuse myself and I write in hopes that people feel my music...usually something very poetic that can have a lot of different interpretations.

What projects have you been part of?
Licensed songs to Disney (in a heartbeat), MTV (undergrads), Sony, written a theme song for play station theme for a video game review show which was owned by blockbuster video, BBC is looking at using some of our material, Mini is also looking at us to write a theme song for their next ad campaign.

Any advice for other musicians hoping to achieve your success?
Only do this if your mind says you have to! Yes, if you work hard enough you will get your 15 minutes of fame but along with that you will get a million hours of rejection, doors slammed, criticism and all kinds of other crap. You have to keep up your drive and burning ambition until someone sees your potential and helps you get that big break.

So who’s the ladies man?
Well I would have to say we are all batting pretty good averages.

What are rock stars looking for in a woman?
Anyone who can put up with them!

If you are looking for more information on this band go and see TAYLORED live or on their website - “we’ll be the party, you just gotta show up”

My decision in writing for Jodi was simple - I love this site and love what she has created for artists... This site is a great source of information and I hope to help bring it to a new level. I am always open for comments and ideas you have or would like to see in future articles. I want to make sure you are getting the best of me and my resources. If you have specifics you would like to see covered, please contact me directly with your ideas/comments.

Something very strange that I keep hearing artists say over and over is that their material is "honest". I really don't have the slightest clue what they mean by honest. Maybe that it's true to their style? True to themselves? Don't know really! I heard Avril, U2, Shania and many others quote thier music as "honest". I pose this question to you? What do you think they mean by saying that the music they create is honest?

On another note, here are some great sites to check out: - This site helps singer/ songwriters, composers, musicians anyone really, to post thier music online. It allows collaborations with other artists through an online networking system...It's fantastic and really easy to use...Although, it does cost a little cash money but not too much for the service you recieve. - another avenue to help promote you music...thier website has won tons of awards for ease of use and functionality.

That's it for this time. Please check back often for new articles and info.


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