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CD REVIEW: Garaj Mahal – Live Vol. 1-3
By Ben Ohmart - 03/24/2003 - 05:10 PM EST

Artist: Compilation: Garaj Mahal
Album: Live Vol. 1-3
CD Review: The jazz-rock fusion band that is Garaj Mahal has put out an ambitious debut. 3 debuts. Count ‘em:

Vol. 1, recorded on 8/23/02 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco:

1- Gulam Sabri 17:37
2- Semos 13:33
3- Intro Jam -> 1:53
4- Celtic Indian 12:36
5- Ivory Tower 15:15
6- Of A Simple Mind 7:31

Vol. 2, recorded on 8/13/02 at the Boulevard Café in Chicago:

1- Cosmic Elevator 11:22
2- Poodle Vamp 12:40
3- The Paladin 12:39
4- The Chicken 8:28
5- Make A Hippy Happy 11:44
6- National Anthem 4:34

and Vol. 3, recorded on 5/11/02 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado:

1- 7-UP 10:32
2- Never Give Up 9:39
3- Thursday 10:53
4- Stoked On Razaki 9:39
5- Material Girl 17:48

Mostly instrumental, these jazz/prog-rock packs of long jams are great pieces of work. Just put the CD player on repeat play for the day and forget about it. These 4 guys have that sparkle of musicianship that makes you wonder if they’ve rehearsed it or is it all off the cuff? Doesn’t really matter when you hear the results. And thank god, this live music is clean enough to eat off.

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