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CD REVIEW: Besh o droM – Can’t Make Me!
By Ben Ohmart - 03/13/2003 - 05:48 PM EST

Artist: Besh o droM
Album: Can’t Make Me!
CD Review: God does this band wake you up! Mixing their Albanian, Greek, Serbian, Macedonian and Turkish folk music with the kind of jazz that drove Frank Zappa and John Coltrane crazy, Besh o droM also prove they have a superior sense of humor to most world music out there. They’ve been called eclectic wedding music, asphalt tango, gypsy anti-traditionalists, but whatever initial is sewn on their naked uniforms, the driving beat that keeps this band going is one of the most original acts to find its way into the USA via Hungary.

Pettik Ádám - derbuka, water can, percussion, lead vocal
Barcza Gergo - alto saxophone, ney, vocal
Sidoo Attila - guitar, vocal
Csurkulya József - cimbalom, vocal
Tóth Péter - trumpet, vocal
Békési László - tenor saxophone, clarinet, vocal
Zsoldos Tamás - bass guitar

play an hour of

1. Nekemtenemmutogatol oro 5:30
2. Neyem, neyem... 3:28
3. Csango Menyhart 2:39
4. Engem anyám megátkozott 6:37
5. Introduction 3:17
6. Cigansko oro 4:44
7. Afghan 3:56
8. Csujogató 5:58
9. Pergeto 4:24
10. Koczkae 1:59
11. Kanna solo 7:02
12. Legényes, legenyes 4:54
13. Manócsávó 4:42
14. Széles világ 4:18

and like an illegal drug in a hip Balkan state, it all passes enchantingly before your eyes in an instant.

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