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CD REVIEW: Clarelynn Rose – Elegant Tern
By Ben Ohmart - 03/01/2003 - 06:24 PM EST

Artist: Clarelynn Rose
Album: Elegant Tern
CD Review: Elegant is the word. It is a shame that albums like this can’t survive against the loud swill that is mainstream radio. Perhaps the world would be a better – at least very different – place if

1. Sunshower
2. Copperfield
3. Monk's Gate/I Saw Three Ships
4. Elegant Tern
5. Damnation Trail
6. Sound of Thunderclouds
7. Song of Putuo Mountain
8. Su Lu (Sweet Dew)
9. Asea
10. Pacific
11. Redstone

could be heard on the open road. Peace and unity are fully promoted on this 37 minute disc. The trouble is, such solo acoustic guitar music, skillfully performed by Clarelynn Rose, must be slowly built into the human psyche, in much the same way that it took 200 years to slowly edge Mozart out of the popular form.

It is beautiful music, given with the artistic touch of a great performer at a crafts festival or any open folk festival where vocals are unnecessary. Her strong fingers are interested in tunes, and not in a droning new age sound.

Clarelynn has performed in northern China, Taiwan, California, Illinois, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah. This is her 2nd cd, and she’s donated 10% of all profits from it to support environmental education. Listen to short clips of all the tunes at her website and you’ll hear how she’s doing her part. If only we could all do as much as this talented lady.

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