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CD REVIEW: The Beers, "The Beers Hotel"
By David Lockeretz - 12/29/2002 - 05:57 PM EST

Artist: The Beers
Album: "The Beers Hotel"
CD Review: Okay, with a band that has a name like the Beers, we know we're not in for Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Peter Gabriel. But is it too much to at least ask for intonation and a decent mix?

To be sure, punk rock is never about technique or subtlety. In fact, the rawness of the Beers might be construed as a welcome island of reality in a sea of color-by-numbers, factory-produced pop acts. But despite moments of promise, the Beers ultimately become their own worst enemy, victimized by poor recording quality, amateurish lead guitar work and drumming and inconsistent vocals. It might work on the more uptempo material, but on songs such as the instrumental “Dreams” or the slow and brooding “Chains of Love”, the holes in the band’s musicianship show all too clearly.

“Shade of Grey” is a bright spot on the album; the catchy song shows influence of the British pop of the 1960s and features some nice, melodic bass playing. “Maryville” is another strong number, an angry outcry against the repression and hypocrisy of small town life.

Perhaps the key for the Beers is to hire the right producer for future work. The Beers need someone who can help them develop their strengths and check them on their weaknesses. Hopefully that will help the Beers establish themselves as a major band in their field.

For more information about the Beers, visit!jaytee2/beers.htm.

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