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CD REVIEW: Whiskey Zulu - Three Song Sampler
By Ashley Petkovski - 12/24/2002 - 06:52 PM EST

Artist: Band: Whiskey Zulu
Album: Three Song Sampler
CD Review: Emblazoned with a lovely print of Betty Page, pin-up princess and gothic icon extraordinaire, Whiskey Zuluís three-song sampler album visually dares you, through Bettyís seductive stare, to hit play. She screams of a sort of dark fury, warning the listener to expect the soundtrack to your Siren or - for those of you more familiar with the cheap American sister-store - Hot Topic shopping experience. Instead, what you get is a tiny taste of an up-tempo olí fashioned American rock band. Whiskey Zuluís sampler is an open book of ďboy meets girl/ relationship plummets downhill at lightning fast speed/ boy eases pain with fast car and six packĒ songs, supported by the typical instrumental lineup of bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

Relying heavily on common song structures and themes, Whiskey Zulu know that to make their songs register with the ears of the listening public, they need to be damn good at what they do. Thankfully, they are, and their brand of straightforward rock makes an impression. Catchy and propulsive, Whiskey Zulu specialize in the sort of melodies that result in the infernal humming of music critics on public transit.

Although not yet worthy of excessive doting or comparisons to the rock gods of yore, Whiskey Zuluís musical abilities are strong and their musicianship is effective. Whiskey Zuluís members are capable players, who are able to find themselves a groove and work with it, each instrument adding itís own nuances. The rhythm section drives each song forward, and a blistering guitar solo or two have yet to detract from the quality of a rock song. The production of the three songs is also essentially flawless; each instrument resonating as well as it possibly can on a sampler CD.

On the downside, any up and coming rock band relying on common themes and musical formulas can easily be pushed under the radar of fame, popularity and notoriety. Whiskey Zulu, regardless of their abilities and flashy melodies, still run that risk. Whiskey Zulu are, at the moment, simply another rock band, none too different from the thousands of others in their field of competition. However, they seem to have enough promise to break through. A touch of formula-deterring originality and a few more songs just might be enough to push them to a higher musical class, and to make Ms. Page proud.


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