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CD REVIEW: Dan Craig – “Came to Play - unplugged”
By Stacey Board - 12/11/2002 - 11:10 PM EST

Artist: Dan Craig
Album: “Came to Play - unplugged”
CD Review: This is a very bare bones, raw CD full of direct emotion. It's an apt title, because he came to play the songs, not wow you with studio overdubbing or anything else. What he plays, is what you get.

I get the feeling that Dan came over and is playing for me in my living room for just a few close friends. He’s a solid acoustic guitar player and the guitar sound they captured on the recording is very warm. His vocals are also honey smooth and full of emotion and sincerity.

The downside of the intimacy is that there are a few plosive “b’s” and “p’s” and it, in some ways, comes across to me as more of a demo than a polished CD.

On “Out of Sight” and “I Don’t Know” he’s added some really pleasing harmonies, but that’s about all the embellishment you should expect to hear. His sound isn’t exactly like John Denver but the CD reminds me a lot of Denver’s no nonsense sincerity. It's not trying to be pop or flashy. It's straight ahead nice vocals and writing with no whipped cream and cherry on top. If you like the no frills acoustic guitar and warm male vocals, you will enjoy “Came To Play”., (603) 777.9977

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