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By Ben Ohmart - 12/08/2002 - 03:40 PM EST

Artist: NanyaNa
CD Review: Nanyana is the voice, helped out by

Jason Reichert – guitar
Todd Damian – drums
Jean-Claude Le Blanc – bass
Chris Elvis – keys

Together, they’re racking up a lot of great reviews and solid airplay. They’ve played the Hard Rock Café, Atlantis Music Conference, CJ’s Landing and more. Mainly because there’s a quirky pop element to their alternative rock that has to be heard to be seen. Uh. Anyway, they are as individual as tartan socks.

One of the best – i.e. catchiest – tunes is ‘Thousand Miles Away.’ The chorus grabs a short attention span like a well-groomed dart board, with the following opening lyric:

I sit and wonder,
Is love supposed to be in my future,
'Cause I don't see it anymore,
In my movie picture.
A fate that brings no comfort,
The soul's a tangled web,
We've never met before, but
Maybe I caught a glimpse of you the other day,
But who's to say…

These are the tracks:

1. Thousand Miles Away
2. Six White Horses
3. Change of Seasons
4. Falling
5. Limbo
6. Scenes From A Question
7. Something About You
8. Time's Running Out
9. Upon A Time
10. Vanity Fair
11. Who's To Blame
12. U Loving Me

And here’s where to look for samples before you buy. You will buy.

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