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CD REVIEW: The Rules of Attraction – soundtrack
By Ben Ohmart - 12/06/2002 - 04:22 PM EST

Artist: The Rules of Attraction
Album: soundtrack
CD Review: Do you miss the 1980s? We all do, those of us over 30. Whether or not you thought the synth, ultra-pop sound of that era was crap, there’s something innocent and playfully plastic (that’s a good thing) about the entire decade’s musical output.

Of course, this soundtrack isn’t all 80s. Some stuff from the film, a couple 70s classics. Check it:

1. Carol Of The Bells - Tomandandy
2. Six Different Ways - The Cure
3. Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks - The Rapture
4. Colours - Donovan
5. Situation - Yaz
6. Sunday Girl - Blondie
7. So Alive - Love And Rockets
8. Pre-Saturday Party Party - Tomandandy
9. Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band
10. Without You - Harry Nilsson
11. Victor's European Vacation - Tomandandy/Kip Pardue
12. Gentleman Who Fell, The - Milla Jovovich
13. Snow Theatre - Tomandandy / Final Steps - Tomandandy
14. Stop - Erasure
15. Untitled - (hidden track)

An eclectic choice-set indeed. Must be a ‘quirky’ film. ‘The Rules of Attraction focuses on a small New England college and follows 3 members of its student body and their extended family.’ No wonder, as usual these days, it’s filled with music for young people. Great music here. But I do long for the days when even Disney movies didn’t have to have teens in them (remember Gus?) all the time.

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