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CD REVIEW: Robin Brock - Hidden Power (sampler)
By Ashley Petkovski - 11/26/2002 - 01:17 AM EST

Artist: Robin Brock
Album: Hidden Power (sampler)
CD Review: Robin Brock is a rawk diva in every huge-voice, high-heels, hot-guitar sense of the word. A strong throwback to metal queen Lita Ford’s heyday, Brock sings the songs of a rock’n’roll warrior, fed up with heartbreak, flying down the open road on her Harley (exclusively and involuntarily paid for by the cheatin’ ex), ready to take on anything that may cross her path.

On this fab little media sampler featuring tracks from Brock’s latest record “Hidden Power,” the days when the hair was big and the pants were tight are renewed. Prepared to strut some musical stuff on the signature Motley Crue wild side, Brock and her musical collaborators are a little bit Blackhearts, a little bit Heartbreakers, and a whole lotta Hart. These four tracks are full-fledged ‘raw with a k,’ laced with sharp, feisty guitar solos, chunky chord progressions and an infectious, driving rhythm section. It’s a straightforward formula, utilizing band basics - bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocals - devoid of all potential musical pretenses. Essentially, it’s a firewall of sonic power. Musically, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Squealing guitars and killer drums aren’t the only strengths of “Hidden Power.” Brock is a ferociously phrased songstress, able to articulate her songs with catchy class. Her sense of melody is her strongest creative contribution, lending each song its powerful and addictive charm. Although she is helped out along the way by producer Keith Olsen (a man who worked with the goddess herself, Pat Benatar) and Can-Con legend Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, BTO), the tracks featured on “Hidden Power” are essentially Brock’s songs. Her heart and soul are strewn across the record like broken glass, displaying her sharp sensibility. What’s most impressive, however, is the way that moments of vulnerability peek out through the haze of tough girl energy, never downplaying Brock’s overall sense of forceful independence.

Echoing with strength, sex and sophistication, Brock is, undoubtedly, a highly proficient vocalist. While there’s an edge to her delivery, she is also technically capable. Her vocals range from playful to elegant, adding a lovely complement to the lyrics themselves.

I may only be familiar with four songs off of “Hidden Power,” but I can safely say that Robin Brock is Canada’s newest Rawk Queen: a confident, powerful woman with a brazen musical delivery and a stack of undeniably solid songs under her belt. In short, she rocks.


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