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CD REVIEW: Erika Luckett – “The New Orleans Sessions”
By Stacey Board - 11/24/2002 - 05:04 PM EST

Artist: Erika Luckett
Album: “The New Orleans Sessions”
CD Review: I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Erika Luckett perform live several times. Each time her playing is exquisite, and her charisma very warm and inviting. That is exactly what has been captured with this CD.

Make no mistake: Erika is not your average solo artist playing guitar. She knows how to carve a groove and make her instrument become rhythm, counter melody and canvas for her poetic lyrics. In fact, I really enjoyed getting more of a direct connection to her lyrics and her vocal performance without there being other instrumentation on this particular CD. Remind yourself from time to time that this is all LIVE and you will be even more impressed.

A lesser player and talent might not stand up for a 15 song performance but Erika’s performances are missing nothing. Her guitar playing is flawless. Yet she’s never just out to ‘hit the notes’. There is a genuineness and passion that comes across in her music, and it is all here in the record. Her playing is rich and complex, her lyrics engaging and each song unique.

Erika is a child of many worlds as her liner notes indicate. Her songwriting incorporates influences you could describe as latin, jazz, pop, folk and a unique synthesis of all the above. You can’t pin her down to one genre catch phrase… and why would you want to? If you like intelligent lyrics, exceptional guitar playing and technique, and warm inviting vocals, you will love this CD.

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