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CD REVIEW: My Fine Friend Phil – “Damn Glad To Meet Ya”
By Stacey Board - 11/13/2002 - 10:34 PM EST

Artist: Band: My Fine Friend Phil
Album: “Damn Glad To Meet Ya”
CD Review: I'm having trouble here. All the music reviewer clichés come to mind but I will try to beat them off. “Infectious hooks”, “pop gems” “smart and clever”… OK why fight it. They all apply.

Perfectly poised background vocals and harmonies start you out on the first track, “Beauty Queen”. Then he gives you something to think about on the opposite of what you expect “Love Song”. Followed by “Matchless”, a playful tune attempting to persuade a certain cowgirl that his matchless fires are just the ticket for her.

Phil Mann is our Fine Friend Phil, and he is the writer of all the lyrics, and all of the music with the exception of one song, “Tightrope”. His use of rhythm in his lines is part of what makes the songs more ear catching then your average song. The way they wrap around instead of neatly fitting it makes you listen more closely, and that’s when you catch more of the cleverness and wit.

None of the songs are predictable, but they are still (brace yourself for another music reviewer cliché) “accessible”. Neither are they all straightforward. For example, I like the song “Supermodel”. I like the cadence and listing of the lyrics, I love the guitar’s and keyboard’s dark moody feeling… and I really couldn’t tell you exactly what its about. And I’m perfectly OK with that.

Another favorite of mine is “Sunset”. It’s a sweet little pop gem. Ooops. Sorry. I’ll get the thesaurus out right after I’m done enjoying this CD again.

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