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CD REVIEW: Pie Eyed Pete – “Death of a Teenage Idol”
By Stacey Board - 11/13/2002 - 09:52 PM EST

Artist: Band: Pie Eyed Pete
Album: “Death of a Teenage Idol”
CD Review: Can I make up a new genre called “Pop-O-Billy?” If Nick Lowe wrote country tinged songs and Elvis Costello sang them, it would sound a lot like Pie Eyed Pete. It has raw rocking energy, with a little blues, a little twang and clever lyrics.

“Pete” is Pete Cimbalo, who wrote all the songs, and plays bass and guitars on all of them. He has some great side players, especially John Pirrucello, who’s pedal steel on “Give It Up” and “Empty Bottle, Empty Wallet” is just wonderful. Dirt Track Danny’s guitar work is also a stand out.

“Empty Bottle, Empty Wallet” is a classic barroom anthem and pretty much my favorite track from the CD. That song leans more to the twang end of the spectrum, while others are a bit more pop sounding. The track “Something Better” reminds me of something the Beatles might have put on a lost and still undiscovered demo. Others like “All You Bring Is Down” and “Get Me Home” have just a touch of psychodelia treatment. The variety is a good thing and the playful energy is solid throughout. Love that siren.

“Death of a Teenage Idol” is a collection of songs with an appealing raw energy and playfullness. Pete’s singing is sometimes a bit off-kilter, but always full of sincere emotion.

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