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CD REVIEW: Sam Bisbee - "Vehicle"
By David Lockeretz - 10/14/2002 - 10:04 PM EDT

Artist: Sam Bisbee
Album: "Vehicle"
CD Review: Sam Bisbee knows what's going on. Maybe the problem is that he doesn't know enough about what has gone on.

Bisbee's sound shows the strong influence of almost anyone who's picked up an instrument since Nirvana. That his songs have been licensed by MTV and others only proves how in touch with the contemporary scene Bisbee is. He has certainly accomplished a lot, business wise.

From an artistic standpoint, a consistent original voice is what seems to be lacking from the CD. There are some moments of promise. The witty lyrics of "Cubicle Love Song" and "Miracle Car" undoubtedly give so many young, latte-drinking, Kant-quoting Northeastern twenty-somethings plenty of bar room fodder. I myself whole-heartedly agree with the requests Bisbee poses in "Sex and Drugs O Rama."

The bad news is that musically, many of the songs rely on stock, predictable chord progressions and feature vocals filled with the calculated indifference that made almost every band of the 1990s rich. "Underage" in particular sounds like a song that didn't make the cut of a Radiohead album.

But if Bisbee keeps his contemporary flair and intersperses it with a deeper sense of context leading finally to the development of a unique voice, he might find that his early successes have not been flashes in the pan.

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