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CD REVIEW: Mara - It's Who I Am
By Eliot Popkin - 06/25/2002 - 05:54 AM EDT

Artist: Mara
Album: It's Who I Am
CD Review: Mara is a singer/songwriter from LA who offers up 11 pop gems on her debut "It's Who I Am." Immediately I am reminded of Melissa Etheridge, but there is so much more to this dynamic young woman. The disc starts off with "Don't Let Me Run" an uptempo pop/rocker in which she sings "Don't let me hide from your affections"; it's a nice introduction into a disc where Mara isn't afraid to show the listener who she is. She balances on the line between vulnerability and over-indulgence in such a nice way. Mara has the uncommon ability to tell a story and have some depth to her lyrics yet keep her songs very commercial with tight hooks and sweet harmonies.

My favorite here is "Jamie's Song" in which Mara sings "I could never ask you, to stay here for me, cause you could never live that way." It's such an emotional, open, tender moment and the strings just lift the music throughout. It's one of the moments in pop music when you just have to say thanks. So thanks for a tender, gorgoeus song Mara. No doubt you'll make it in this crazy music business. For those needing a starter course on good singer/songwriter material, take a listen here. Overall, great great songs. It's a testiment to the importance of marrying wonderful songs with a wonderful voice. The result is, simply... wonderful.

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