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CD REVIEW: Tricia Greenwood – In Heaven 9.11
By Ben Ohmart - 05/27/2002 - 12:09 PM EDT

Artist: Tricia Greenwood
Album: In Heaven 9.11
CD Review: Usually, I am against 9/11 recordings because I think there’s a vague or blatant sense of profiteering behind them. And those, and any tv movies and etc. that come about, I am against until the ‘war’ is over.

But I’m making an exception in this case, because I firmly believe in Tricia’s motive. Also, it’s a crying song, not a song to rouse the patriotic flag waving that’s been going on. (Nothing wrong with waving a flag of course, provided you’re accomplishing something else.)

This 3.5 minute song is one which is meant to bleed the tears away from the heartache of this appalling, unnecessary tragedy, and ends with ‘holy holy holy.’ It’s a lovely little gothic-type song (from Sunnyvale, CA!) that won’t appeal to everyone. But its acoustic construction and honest love (I would say) may win over those who are usually opposed to the indie tinge of ‘personal’ songs.

Even more than supporting the artist, I suggest you support the concept of this song and what it’s trying to be. Whether or not it’s the perfect thing to give a relative of a victim of this outrage isn’t for me to say. Perhaps it depends on what sort of tears they keep inside of them. Listen for yourself and judge. But above all, support the spirit of this single. There will be scam artists out there using the numbers 9/11 for selling their own wares, but use your own judgement, and listen to the music before the hype.

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