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CD REVIEW: The Residents – Demons Dance Alone
By Ben Ohmart - 05/24/2002 - 01:53 PM EDT

Artist: The Residents
Album: Demons Dance Alone
CD Review: That oddeyeball group The Residents is back, with an album of new material, celebrating 30 years in the business of scaring people and creating music that must be illegal in some states. They are also starting a 30th anniv. tour to promote the new album. If they come anywhere Close to you, I URGE you to check these weirdoes out. I guarantee you it’ll be worth the bother. Why? _________ _____ ______________ _ __________. That’s why.

For once, the Residents have released a completely mellow and melodic cd. ‘Having been written for the most part in the days following September 11th,’ say the Eyes, ‘this album captures a quite different side of The Residents, a vulnerable, uncertain Eyeball asks questions which have no answers.’

Some of these 28 tracks you might even hear on radio, for God’s sake! Listen to ‘Honey Bear’ and you just won’t understand – if you’re a Residents fan. That beautiful voice and French-type background and soft bass, well! If there was ever a question about the Residents writing Actual pop songs or really Singing without tongue in cheek or keeping a cheesy keyboard in the back, well! Lis-ten.

Artistically, one of the best reasons to keep your i.d. a secret like these wackos do is that you can replace yourselves when you feel like it. While ‘The Car Thief’ has the same voice we’ve all known for the last 30 years, that cute thing in ‘Honey Bear’ is foreign to me. A new voice? We’ll never know.

At 59 minutes, this cd is double the length of some of their previous, eclectic efforts. Oh, and don’t worry, when I talk about ‘mainstream’ songs, those are, of course, in the minority on this new release (the 1st new album in 4 years, actually). Traditionally, this disc is filled with, uh, well, you know. Teeming with it. Only, it happens to be recorded and performed closer to a ‘normal’ album. As close as The Residents will ever get anyway.

Fan or not, this one IS worth buying.

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