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CD REVIEW: Miggs - Anyway
By Eliot Popkin - 05/24/2002 - 12:27 AM EDT

Artist: Miggs
Album: Anyway
CD Review: Miggs is a 4-piece outfit with a real engaging pop/rock sound. The disc begins with the radio-friendly "I Won't Lie To You" in which the very honest lyric says "I've done some awful things before and I'm bound to do so many more." I always like it when people just lay things on the line. Hearing just 20 seconds of this disc, you know this is a great band to see live. Another real winner here is "Grace" in which yet another real in-your-face lyric grabs the listener with "So now that you've stepped down from grace, can you look me in the eyes and see, it's just you and me and the one I wanted you to be." Well, alrighty then.

My favorite here is "Taste", in which lead singer Don lets his voice rise and fall into a beautiful falsetto "Let me go, let me be..." Miggs has a great sound overall. Their musicianship is very strong, the disc is mixed and mastered professionally and their songs have pleasing melodies with very memorable stories. Even their CD jacket is cool to look at. I can see them making it in the big leagues. They have a great product and hopefully with a little luck, they can get their shot at a home run. Way to go guys. To give out my 3rd coveted Top 10 spot of the year: "Anyway" by Miggs is one the top 10 CDs of 2002. Congratulations.

Contact: (415) 290-2463

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