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CD REVIEW: Leah Zicari - Hard Road
By Eliot Popkin - 05/24/2002 - 12:26 AM EDT

Artist: Leah Zicari
Album: Hard Road
CD Review: What a pleasing listen this is. Leah has such a soft, enjoyable voice and takes us on an enjoyable journey through 12 songs on this, her 2nd full length album. Her voice really conjures up images of Shawn Colvin, which is never a bad thing. The album starts off with the eager "This Is Gonna Hurt Me", where Ms. Zicari sings "You've gone on with your life, With someone other than your wife." Sounds like quite a love triangle to me. The CD continues on with "Ready To Tell You", a bit quieter of a sound with some real gorgeous harmonies.

Ms. Zicari walks the road between folk and pop nicely. It's not always an easy task to balance the depth and warmth of folk with the commerciality of pop, yet this is a good example. My favorite here is quiet and simple "Summer." It's a nice breath of, may I say, summer air. Her voice sounds most at home here and it's a treasure to listen to. One suggestion I would make is that it would be nice to hear her and the beautiful harmonies a little higher up in the mix, and frame the songs better with some stronger rhythmic ideas. Overall, this is a great listen and from the press notes, I can assure you that Leah will be at a town near you very soon.

(585) 671-9668

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