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CD REVIEW: 69 Duster - Ride
By Eliot Popkin - 05/24/2002 - 12:24 AM EDT

Artist: Band: 69 Duster
Album: Ride
CD Review: 69 Duster is a rock outfit from the Toronto area. The 10 song album begins with "What She Said", a pleasing listen which reminds me of, I can't put my musical finger on it, some 70s and 80s rock sounds, but it's a nice memory and a nice listen nonetheless. This band has one of those sounds that reminds you of others yet is really all their own.

My favorite here is apparently Dawson Creek's favorite too, as the song "Everytime" will appear on an upcoming episode. "Evertime you come around, you're coming right down on me..." It just has one of those choruses that you can't help singing along with. And it really, really sounds like the 80s. It works for me. Overall, 69 Duster has a nice sound. The musicians never really leave their shells so to speak. Nothing of the unexpected happens here, it's a healthy collection of pop/rock songs. Lastly, there's a real pretty shot in the CD jacket of one of those carnival rides where you sit in a swing and swing high and low around a huge centerpiece. Perhaps it's a place where 69 Duster wants to take us with their music; through the highs and lows and all the time throughout swinging and having a good time doing it. They have succeeded in doing so.

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