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CD REVIEW: Honey Barbara – 1-10 & W.AVE.
By Ben Ohmart - 04/25/2002 - 05:05 PM EDT

Artist: Honey Barbara
Album: 1-10 & W.AVE.
CD Review: I’m still not sure what the hell I’m reviewing, but I commend Émigré Magazine on an arresting bit of promotion and music monster. Published quarterly by Émigré, ‘where design and music intersect,’ this combo of design mag and 73 minute cd is packaged together. The zine (though it must be a magazine, as it’s just too well managed) contains a few articles, lots of swinging designs, a few ads for other publications and fonts, and poems and etc. According to the # this is #60, and rather than have a compilation of bands/artists, as lots of lesser zines do, the included 17 track cd is rife with a band called Honey Barbara.

HB are like a combination of alt-indie versions of Pink Floyd and The Residents, sometimes taking wing with electronics and vague techno movements, but mostly blending sound collages over and beyond that dark subtle singing-talk style of theirs.

The mag also includes all the lyrics from this cd. ‘How Bright the Sky’ repeats the title then drones on to ‘He was dying to get wet with water / on his way to the rainmaker’s daughter / he felt his footsteps falling softer.’

Definitely alternative music, and some of it quite clever. For the young thinkers in the family.


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