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CD REVIEW: Judith - Play of Light
By Eliot Popkin - 04/22/2002 - 03:20 PM EDT

Artist: Judith
Album: Play of Light
CD Review: Judith is a pop/goth New York band and "Play of Light" is their 3rd release. They have played to crowds all over the US and Europe. The CD starts off with the title track in which Christopher David sings "The sky held us captive in its sudden wash of rose..." The band is tight, crisp and David's singing is lamenting and pleasing to listen to, albeit dark sounding. "Dissolution" has such a cool trippy intro; I get the impression that this band really thinks hard about it's arrangements and how to present a song. I also get the impression that I would enjoy this music even more if I were the type of reviewer to engage in umm... recreational substances. Alas, I'm not. :) My favorite tune here is "La Bella" which offers up some real gorgeous lyrics "She is too fair for any man to see, or hold his heart's delight."

Kudos to the band for some real tight arrangements throughout. My only suggestion here is that Christopher has such a powerful, strong voice and yet, throughout this disc his voice is masked behind this goth-like effect done in the studio. I'm sure it's a stylistic choice, but I think it would offer up an even more raw edge if we heard Christopher's voice minus all the effects. That being said, a fine disc and a pleasure I'm sure, to their already many fans and new goth fans alike.

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