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Q&A: How Do We Find Places To Perform?
By Michael Allison - 12/30/2001 - 06:08 AM EST

My best friend has recently formed a band with some of our fellow High School class mates. The band is doing great and sounds even better. At the moment they do a lot of Pearl Jam cover tracks, but are also collaborating on some original works as well. The band (currently without a name) has asked me to help them with scouting for venues to play. They currently plan on playing at our school's yearly talent show "Java Drama" in May. They have also been fortunate enough to find out about a private concert for local bands that is being put on by Sony Entertainment in late April, which is almost sure to have talent scouts present. Our dilemma at the moment is finding places for them to play immediately to get themselves promoted. Here is where your advice would be much appreciated. How or where do we look for venues? Is there any specific ways that we should go about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Heather Pelico

Depending on your location, finding gigs can be a simple to somewhat difficult task. The more bands in your area, the more difficult it will be. Simply asking bar and club managers if you can play is how most bands go about this. For a new band, this may be harder than it would for a more established act. You'll have to give them a reason to pick you over the other bands. My suggestion is to hook up with the more established acts and see about opening the show for them. Don't expect much money, if any. The idea is to get your band name out there. At first, you'll want to play any place that will let you. Word of mouth is a great promotional tool, so always give every show 110%. No matter if there is only two or three people in the place. If all else fails, throw your own party and invite a lot of people. Try to play as much as possible, and the word will eventually get around.

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