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CD REVIEW: Mars Black - Recon 4 - 4 song debut sampler
By Eliot Popkin - 12/24/2001 - 04:47 PM EST

Artist: Band: Mars Black
Album: Recon 4 - 4 song debut sampler
CD Review: First, let me say this is the coolest press kit I have ever received to date. Have to say, it totally made me want to hear this music. That said, this 4 song journey begins with "I'm Leaving", a power rocker that doesn't overpower, yet really packs a nice punch. This reminded me a lot of Creed and Journey, with a really memorable chorus and a simple and effective lyric. Vocalist Scott House just shines by the end. Really singing from the heart. Unfortunately, no lyrics are included so I can't comment on those. The second song "Partially Sane" is more laid-back and quiet, providing a nice balance from the power of "I'm Leaving."

Track three, "Descending One" rocks a lil' bit harder than it's predecessor at a midtempo-pace. I can't seem to find the title anywhere in this song, but it's a really driving melody. As I loved the power in the opening song "I'm Leaving", I really enjoyed the grit of the final song "Live For You" in which House belts "Angel above, show me a sign that you know I've been bleeding." The only suggestion I can make to this band is to experiment a bit with their vocal effects and framing the vocal differently in the mix. House has such a powerful voice, and I would like to hear it minus some of the effects. It would bring about more of the rawness you hear in an Eddie Vedder vocal. House has the chops to do it. Their liner notes begin "As the dust clears and Mars Black emerge from an extended stay in their private studio..." I don't know where they were and what happened, but I'm real curious to see where they go. Hats off to a wonderful debut. Keep writing gentlemen!
Paul Poisson (978) 618-8917

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