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CD REVIEW: My First Day At Preschool - Starring Buddy Bear
By Ben Ohmart - 12/21/2001 - 02:50 PM EST

Artist: Band: My First Day At Preschool
Album: Starring Buddy Bear
CD Review: ‘...Hi and welcome to My First Day at preschool starring Buddy Bear. Buddy Bear is cuddly, friendly and just a little anxious about his first day at preschool. With Daddy Bear's positive encouragement they take off to school in a bright red Mustang and upon arrival, Buddy experiences new friends, wonderful teachers and colorful events.’

Yes, this is the soundtrack to a video called My First Day, which sports testimonials from parents and teachers alike re: putting kids at ease when they are shipped into one of the most traumatic instances of life: leaving home in favor of schooling. I for one loathed every moment of school, straight through every Day of high school. So I know how important it is having some Positive and Constructive FUN to hook the mind into when on the verge of such a cataclysm.

I can’t comment on the video itself, just the 23.5 minutes of soundtrack, sung by Farah Bunch, and written by Eric Hester. The music is quite POP, and sports some Britney Spears sparkle, without resorting to navel sex or harsh techno beat. This is an album for children, for freeing the fears inside and making the unknown into a more winning experience. ‘My first day is gonna be okay. If I didn’t go, I wouldn’t know - my first day.’

‘This video re-enforces positive themes such as working together, peer respect and most importantly, the fun and learning a day in preschool can inspire,’ says the official website. Well, the same can be said for the 8 tracks of the soundtrack. Possibly the nicest, catchiest cut comes at the end, when ‘Buddy Bear’ is explained. A good hook, an energetic kid’s voice (as the whole disc demonstrates), and a synth that doesn’t go too far one way or the other; doesn’t try to be real instruments it’s not (which I hate), yet contains enough magic to sound different but not cheesy. A hard balance to attain and keep, believe me.

All in all, a good cd for the kiddies. Even the childish minds like my own will be rather thrilled at getting back to the innocence of Real youth, when these were the greatest fears to contend with. Solid, strong production will enhance your child’s enjoyment.

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