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CD REVIEW: Don Lanphere and New Stories - Home At Last
By Ben Ohmart - 12/10/2001 - 10:43 PM EST

Artist: Don Lanphere and New Stories
Album: Home At Last
CD Review: This cd is getting hot in my computer drive. It's been spinning for the last five hours. That's because this is the sort of jazz that was made for minds like mine. First off, it's over an hour in length, and the long 10 tracks spin with a constant, but smooth buzz that speaks always at night. But more importantly, the mindset of contemporary, straight forward, mainstream jazz is ever present. None of this artistic, ground breaking trial by error stuff that jars and bites like Philip Glass drunk at the Cotton Club. No, this is sweet. It's hot, but cool. Dig?

The players are

Don Lanphere - saxes
Marc Seales - piano
Doug Miller - bass
John Bishop - drums

and there ain't a dry muscle on stage when these guys get through with a track. When 'Alone Together' cranks me up for 8 minutes, I feel subconsciously excited, as if all the hurry of the world can suddenly go on the back burner because itís fun, man, itís not really going to roll right over you and kill you.

Same with the opening ĎThe Night Has a Thousand Eyes.í Thereís no tension involved, even though you couldnít at all call this medium tempo music. Not once the bass starts its brisk warm up, and the sax and piano glide as if painted on with butter. These people somehow manage to do the required activity that Should work up quite an intense sweat, but thereís nary a drop of water that falls. (Forget all that stuff about wet muscles, ok?)

Iíll definitely have to check out the other New Stories on the Origin label. Titles like Circled By Hounds and Remember Why are intriguing. Though itís going to take a good heap of time to make the current Home At Last boring enough to want to leave.

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