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CD REVIEW: Snowboot - self titled
By Eliot Popkin - 11/26/2001 - 07:17 PM EST

Artist: Snowboot
Album: self titled
CD Review: "I don't have time for your radio baby"

Snowboot - self titled album

Snowboot sings, raps, records and produces his way through an 8 song neo-soul journey. This is real fun stuff; funky rhythms, falsetto melodies and lyrically it's interesting to hear snowboot's thoughts. Because he literally does it all (write, produce and sing), it would easy for at least one part of the equation to really miss out. Nothing seems to be missing here, however I would like to hear less effects on his vocals. He's got a great voice and a real pretty falsetto, and I'd like to hear them more in the mix. His press kit notes speak of influences from Prince, the Bee Gees and D'Angelo - and you really here it all here. His falsetto glides over "I know you love it when you do this to me, it's all right, so please let me say goodnite" in Say goodnite/Get down. Nothing like a breath of fresh soul air, and Snowboot is on his way to breathing new life for the soul in us all.

On an administrative note, the track listing on the CD was different than the actual playlist. A mistake of course, however it did make me think that I would like Snowboot's CD jacket and presentation a bit more professional looking. It just doesn't match the nice sounds of his CD. The last track, "Velvet Teen", is the most adventurous here; reminding me of some of Rufus Wainwright's finer moments. I encourage Snowboot to continue to expand his musical influences. The results are exciting and refreshing.

phone: 215 545 1754

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