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CD REVIEW: Larry Groupe - Out of the Black (soundtrack)
By Ben Ohmart - 11/03/2001 - 05:44 PM EST

Artist: Larry Groupe
Album: Out of the Black (soundtrack)
CD Review: Larry Groupe is rather a cult figure in the world of music. Or perhaps it’s more fair to say he’s been weaned on the cult film. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 3. I Woke Up Early the Day I Died. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes 4. That’s all Larry. Throw in some ‘legit’ work from tv (Duck Tales, New Mission Impossible, Star Trek the Next Generation), plus some arranging work on The Cable Guy, The Usual Suspects and Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and you’ve got the components for a composer who’s been around long enough to give Goldsmith and Williams a run for their mega-millions.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s currently court composer for HBO’s Mind of the Married Mind series? Plus he co-composed Yes’s new album, Magnification, and tour. I’ve heard it. A great piece of work.

As is this soundtrack to Out of the Black. 19 tracks and a good 42 minutes long, it’s in the thriller genre of carefully placed strings and tuneful excursions into a competent backdrop of melodic picture building. It is NOT the too long, drawn-out John Barry-type cues which are far too prominent today. It is NOT like listening to a Deep Space 9 episode and counting how many beats Mr. X is leaving his leaden figure on the white key of the synth. Real orchestra here, used with patience and skill.

It is a soft and soulful score, that reminds me of 80s horror movies, before the violence bleeds out. Think of Cujo, The Dead Zone, but mix in Bernard Herrmann’s ability to cross-reference cues to an emotional impact of grand standing. So that even when nothing happens in 1 scene, a slight phrase will set your thinking-linking pattern back to what has gone before; and make you antsy for what Could happen any second now.

Though what I have in front of me is a cdr, I hope Larry is able to release this cd fully, at least on his site. Be wary though. There is a cd of Out of the Black that is the Official soundtrack, containing mostly indie tunes and bands (good though they are), and only a short orchestral suite of Larry’s instrumental magic. My money’s on the LG version though.

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