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CD REVIEW: Jenn London - Crazy Thoughts
By Ben Ohmart - 07/28/2001 - 11:25 AM EDT

Artist: Jenn London
Album: Crazy Thoughts
CD Review: Alanis Morissette & P. J. Harvey both have their long hooks in Jenn London’s influence, making for a pretty exciting debut pop/rock album. Jenn is a New York girl, having played a lot of shows before the disc was ready. A good set of pipes on her, she also has the fortune to have Marc Swersky as producer on this. He’s worked with Joe Cocker, Brilliant Trees and others. Makes for a sparkling production.

Jenn wrote all 9 songs which add up to 33 minutes. One of the best is title song ‘Crazy Thought,’ with a beat like clockwork. Guitars, a couple of rhythm men, a good and low bass trail, with Jenn’s crisp voice always on top of the tune.

Aside from the energy involved, there is a good sense of Drive here. Call it passion. That pride of being a young woman today when all the world is ready to be plucked. Not an opportunist, but an optimist in a culture of half-lights and cursed relationships.

Feel good music, even when it’s afflicted, as in the racing ‘Running to Somewhere.’ The cd ends on a ballad, ‘I Want Love,’ a rather heartfelt drum & electronic animal that controls a chaotic beauty in the midst of uncertainty. An odd thing to leave ‘em with, but at once touching and memorable.

Well worth a listen. She must be something on stage.

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