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CD REVIEW: The D's 3 - Cool Cats Hot Chicks
By Ben Ohmart - 07/15/2001 - 11:34 AM EDT

Artist: The D's 3
Album: Cool Cats Hot Chicks
CD Review: The D’s 3 are harmony singers, not 3-part, but like The Andrew Sisters. More Andrew Sisters than the ones that did ‘Mr. Sandman’ (I’m always forgetting the name of that group). But you won’t forget these hot chicks who find themselves backed by a full big band. All but one of the songs are written by the family that is

Kathy Duncan – bass – mom
Becky Duncan – alto/lead – eldest daughter
Corrie Duncan – soprano/lead – younger daughter

But though these aren’t standards, you won’t miss them. Halfway thru each song, you’ll think, hey, yeah, I’ve heard this before. Such is the hook-oriented material such a genre extends.

The energy that ‘Fifth Avenue’ puts out is so hep, it’ll probably wind up on a Nero Wolfe episode soon. ‘Can you see him? Can you feel the groove? / Of a cool, cool swinger with the right attitude? / He comes alive from old Swingtown / Spreadin’ his gold dust all around / And around, and around, and around / He’s spreadin’ his gold dust all around.’

The girls toured a heap of Borders bookstores all thru Illinois, Indiana and Missouri for a couple years. Signed after a performance on a Nashville talent show, their first cd, American Treasures, secured 8 nominations and 5 awards from the Academy of Independent Recording Artists. With all that, you can imagine how much airplay they get on stations that don’t cater to the norm. And you’d be right. Good performances help too.

Though for me one of the big reasons to listen is the REAL band. Yeah, no keyboards, it all sounds like it should for such a style. Good show! Having grown up with Abbott and Costello movies, and hence Andrew Sisters (though they sadly appeared in only 3 of their early films), I can say that these D’s are quite complimentary to the original passion that first provoked boogie woogie and harmony times.

Of course they also dip into the modern, especially in lyrics like ‘All American Girl,’ so you aren’t left totally stranded in the 40s. ‘She’s wearin’ blue jeans, a tank from the Gap / Tops it all off with her baseball cap / People will stare, they say “oh, look at that! / Her belly button’s showin’!” Hey, she likes it like that!’

Tired of rock? Take a look at what roll used to do.

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