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CD REVIEW: Osho Zen Tarot – Music For Tarot Reading
By Ben Ohmart - 07/04/2001 - 09:27 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Osho Zen Tarot
Album: Music For Tarot Reading
CD Review: ‘This collection of music was composed, performed and recorded live at the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Musicians from around the world playing before an international audience found inspiration in this unique setting, an open-air auditorium surrounded by tropical Zen gardens.’ And the result is awe-inspiring.

This may be the audio companion piece to the famous Transcendental Game of Zen put out by St. Martin’s Press, but it takes no counterpart to make This particular release something special, warming and neurologically sound. The 66 minutes of peace and pop new age bounce come between Tangerine Dream and Dean Evenson. It is world and new age combined to shake the soul into tranquility. Spiced relaxation, you might call it.

Unlike much new age which sits around and becomes droning or background strings Only, this rhythmic soundscape of pleasing timbre ‘creates an ideal atmosphere for giving and receiving Tarot readings,’ but more than that. It’s instrumental poetry that can only entice the minds of all those open enough to access it.

Yes, you’ll need to like World and New Age classifications, and if you do, there’s a wonderful journey ahead of you. The synthetics and real instruments combine so well, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Beautiful.

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