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CD REVIEW: Heaven’s Burning – Free Agents (Soul’d Here)
By Ben Ohmart - 05/23/2001 - 05:10 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Heaven’s Burning
Album: Free Agents (Soul’d Here)
CD Review: Heaven’s Burning again, set on fire by the dual fem-charm of Angela Santiago Chung (voice, guitar, bass) and Kristy Jones (voice, guitar, bass – no misprint!). Believe it or not, the 2 guest musicians credited are on drums. Proving the superiority of the woman in alt-rock.

Yep, this is alternative rock, the 2nd release from 2 little girls who aren’t little anymore. They’ve been around, and it seems, they’ve learned how to perform the correct way: via gigs.

Personally, I love ‘Shake This World’ more than anything, even though you might call the chorus (being the title) a bit adolescent. But therein lies the charm. It is homemade youthful zeal, unlike the faces of Christina, Britney and the like that adorn every Pepsi and Taco Bell burrito that comes through hell. Rather than using a group of adult, overpaid session players, all sounds (save the beat) come from the heroines of this novel approach to songwriting.

These pretty ladies are from Pasadena, CA, heavily playing that area, so check out their website for dates and times. Seems they’ve crossed the border into the rest of the US as far as airplay goes, though. From Tacoma, WA to Beaver Falls, PA to net broadcasts, no stone’s being left unflung.

But you want to know about the music, right? Well, they have the fluidness of the 60s self-taught bands, writing all material themselves, with catchy-as-pop hooks wound up in a tight ball of fire that you could call: quirky. Personalized music that is as cute as it is rockin’, often in the very same moment.

It is also the stuff you needn’t be afraid of your 15 year old daughter getting her hands on. While I can’t quote lyrics – as they aren’t included – I will say that I love the electric guitar hooks I hear, against which hip princess voices are set in a very real setting. Like a school band that’s suddenly got quality control. Sure, they might have a ways to go before perfection is reached, in comparison to mega-radio play, but the passion that gushes from these ladylike pores is fresh, exciting, and like a good greenhouse, deserves to be watered daily by fans for full growth.

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