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CD REVIEW: The Diamond Galaxy - Technophiliacs
By Ben Ohmart - 05/08/2001 - 11:28 AM EDT

Artist: The Diamond Galaxy
Album: Technophiliacs
CD Review: It seems a real pity, reviewing this cd at 8 in the morning. Rather like sailing for land in the bathtub. This techno-delicious NIGHT music is a cross between Pet Shop Boys and lite Moby, stopping over at Nine Inch Nails background activity (minus the INtensely suicidal guitar). 9 songs (2 of which are bonus tracks: a radio edit of lead-in 'Another Day Until Tomorrow' and a demo version of not-previously-included 'Sweet Sexy Mystery') and 40-something minutes instrumental-vocal dance-catch.

The core of the Diamond Galaxy consists of

Davey Dasher - voice, sequencing
Sham Bauer - bass, sequencing
Christian Fantastic - guitar
Chris Kaufman - beat

with additional slaves for yet More sequencing, guitar, and beat. Enough techno-rock to deliver the goods to any NIN you'll meet. In fact, 'Alive and Dreaming' kicks out like that classic band with not much of a tone down.

It's 'Another Day Until Tomorrow' and 'It's All A Game' that prove that Galaxy is electro life more than anything, the latter being a rather slow dance beat for lovers of a different universe, separated by trippy stars and vast nova light. It contains a tune that would get modern Beatles hot for its catchy sultriness among the layered punch. One of the best.

In fact, the 1st three are my favorites on the cd, probably with 'Alive and Dreaming' and 'It's All A Game' coming 1st and 2nd, then 'Another Day Until Tomorrow.'

'Cat on a Leash' and later songs are more thrashing rock with ouija board guitar: it knows where it's going, but a lot of times You don't. Davey Dasher's voice is reminiscent of PSB, kissing his ability to shape shift among hooks and moods, while always staying night time.

Just can't make up your mind between real-man rock that is afraid of nothing, and the techno spirit world full of mystery and promise? The Diamond Galaxy is the perfect compromise. Check out the sites below for some prelim tunes.

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