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CD REVIEW: Motpourri – Demolisten
By Ben Ohmart - 05/08/2001 - 11:27 AM EDT

Artist: Motpourri
Album: Demolisten
CD Review: There are times when I’m really not fit to review the hard work that goes into a certain recording. This happens when I get a cd like Motpourri that is pretty far removed from my regularly programmed listening schedule. I’m going to pass it on to someone else, but first, I will attempt a viewpoint. It will be neither a rave nor a damnation, since it would be like asking a Navy man to take over a Las Vegas seaport.

This EP of 6 songs comes from 25 year old singer/tunesmith Rob Blackwater, the main man; joined with ex-Jesus Presley guitarist Vince Schultz. Together (still finalizing the band members at this time) they’re an alt-indie rock group with a lot of spunk, punk and garage sound.

Taking their name from ‘mopery,’ defined in Revenge of the Nerds as ‘exposing oneself to a blind person,’ the tint of guitar-driven music here is professional in play, if not always in sound. True, this is a demolisten, but certain tracks (obviously live?) like ‘Oxygen’ are more for the benefit of capturing a set and the Feel of the planned rawness of the entire Motpourri picture.

Personally I think Rob’s voice should be trained more, though as I stated before, this is all just uninformed opinion on my part. Stupidly expanding on the thought, I’d like to see Rob gain more seasoning to his voice, more through gigs than paying some voice teacher. It’s the music that I can get into more. ‘Prayer Hater’ has some good mixing and solid guitaring which will prove the band’s upfall.

For a taste of the words throughout, take a snippet from ‘Secretions,’ a collaboration between Blackwater and Schultz and the first up. ‘I’ve been awake four days in jaded manifestation, and I don’t even wanna think about your god damnation. I see our family of friends slowly coming to an end. Who stole her love? Who holds the drugs? I can’t even remember when, but now and then it’s time to evaporate Blackwater where she Waded.’

Motpourri will get somewhere. That’s a fact. Especially if they keep submitting to more informed souls than yours truly.

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