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CD REVIEW: Moses and the Guys with Jobs
By Ben Ohmart - 05/06/2001 - 03:42 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Moses and the Guys with Jobs
CD Review: Moses and the Guys with Jobs (love that band title) are

Moses Hauffen – vocals, guitars
Rick Fowler – drums
Ken Winber – bass

and many other employed people who get together like America or raunchy Eagles, something classic-rockish while flashing out with blues and folk, the way CN&Y used to; though Moses and underlings are hip to all modes of current music trends. Maybe that’s why they were nominated for Best Indie Rock Album in the LA Music Awards of 2000.

Their bilingual ‘Juanita’ is a beautifully structured ballad that could capture the hearts of some Latin teens if they decided to pour over this side of their talent more. ‘Juanita, I should’ve met you years ago / We could’ve got to know each other well / and maybe fall in love. Could’ve got to know you / very well and maybe fall in love, maybe fall in love / maybe fall in love, maybe fall in love.’

‘It was another day in the heights / Avenue 21 / We didn’t know ‘bout being rich or poor only ‘bout / being young and having fun on Avenue 21,’ from the ultra-catchy guitar work of ‘Avenue 21’ sounds like Moses is overdubbing himself, talking ‘bout bein’ young and havin’ fun. Ah, takes you back to days of yore and youth…

Acoustically, ‘Two Stars’ is given out like a heroic sea captain coming home from battle, remembering suddenly, as land comes into view, just what it was he was fighting for. ‘There are two stars in the sky tonight / I see them through the breaks in the willow tree / One bend in the wind and they’re gone / then they’re back again / falling into the scoop where the Dipper should be.’ More repressed passion is put into this vocalization than anything else on the cd, standing out as simple, yearning; the future’s prayer.

Intense, often lightning-struck songwriting surrounded by loving painters of sound portraits. Guys who have the day off and aim to make the most of the story. Check out the links below for some quality tracks before hunting down the buying price.

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